Dursey Island, County Cork, Ireland

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Dursey Island  (Baoi Bhéarra or Oileán Baoi) is a rugged piece of land once attached to Ireland, now cut free by the strength of the Atlantic ocean. Located at the tip of of the Ring of Beara (the south westerly tip of the Beara Peninsula),County Cork, Ireland, it is home to a few hearty souls and colonies of nesting sea birds.

Traveling to and from Dursey is Ireland’s only cable car. Although we didn’t travel over to Dursey  this time around, we did hike the land opposite the island. Tourists are fortunate to have the generosity of a gentleman farmer who allows people to hike his private land. It is important to note there are many farmers who allow hikers on their land, so please always remember to follow the posted signs, keep the environment clean, leave a gentle footprint and keep gates closed.

If you would like to learn more about Dursey Island, I highly recommend the book Discover Dursey by Penelope Durell. I’ve purchased it myself and will definitely be keeping it on hand when I explore the island.  Stay tuned!


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Contemporary symbolist artist, writer,curator,and geek/nerd girl . Interested in photography, mythology, alchemy,ancient history,science,gaming and magic.
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