Massmount Church Ruins, Adrigole, County Cork

The sign to Massmount Church in the parish of Adrigole directed us to a site three kilometres away. I’d read in Daniel M. O’Brien’s book, Beara: A Journey Through History, the church was built after the penal times . I was hopeful the church would still be standing. As we drove up the hill we noticed the building was unfortunately overgrown and in ruins, but decided to venture in for a closer look anyway.

The “T” shaped church was narrow with a low entrance doorway. (I’m 5 foot 7″ tall and still had to duck my head.) Even though there was little left of the small church, echoes moved through the small chamber, causing us to hush our tones and speak quietly to one another. I could only imagine how lovely the voices of singers would have sounded in this small sanctuary on the hill.

Upon leaving the church one is graced with an awe inspiring view of Adrigole harbour and the magnificent Hungry Hill, the highest peak in the Caha mountain range. The rugged hill is made of red sandstone; eons of glacial erosion have creased and tatooed its magnificent face.

Massmount Church turned out to be a wonderful starting point for journeying around the vicinity. The area is graced with standing stones, wedge tombs, another ancient church with an ogham stone in the midst of its grave yard, waterfalls, exquisite scenery and more. Our day trip turned out to be a historical adventure, and a photographer’s delight. I’ll be sure to post more of our discoveries soon…there is just so much to see in the lovely Beara Peninsula I sometimes don’t know where to begin!

I wish you and yours a healthy and prosperous New Year! “Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh!”







About Susanne Iles

Contemporary symbolist artist, writer,curator,and geek/nerd girl . Interested in photography, mythology, alchemy,ancient history,science,gaming and magic.
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2 Responses to Massmount Church Ruins, Adrigole, County Cork

  1. KEYNOTER says:

    Great photos of a beautiful place, very inspiring I’d say.

  2. twilightgecko says:

    gorgeous photos.. gorgeous landscape! i’d love to visit ireland someday..

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