Éadaoin Inari Byrne

Dearest Friends,

I have many posts and photographs lined up for you, but they will have to wait until the magical month of May. In the meantime I have some happy news I am delighted to share with you.

March 11th saw the early arrival of my beautiful little daughter Éadaoin. She was due May 27th but decided that spring suited her birthday better than summer. She was born prematurely at 29 weeks (11 weeks early) but I am thrilled to say she is perfect in every way and is doing very well. Your prayers and wonderful wishes have made this journey so much brighter.

I only have access once a week to a public computer as I am here in Cork City, so again my posts will be meagre until May. I am looking forward to heading back home to the beautiful Beara Peninsula in the next few weeks and re-connecting to all the wonderful people who have been following my blog.

Much love to all,
’til soon,


About Susanne Iles

Contemporary symbolist artist, writer,curator,and geek/nerd girl . Interested in photography, mythology, alchemy,ancient history,science,gaming and magic.
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3 Responses to Éadaoin Inari Byrne

  1. wcg says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy your wee one, and we’ll be patiently waiting for pictures.

  2. holymotherofgod says:

    Amaxing! I hadn't read your blog for some time, what happy news! Congrats!

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