Allihies and Ballydonegan Bay


As mentioned in my previous blog entry, Allihies Copper Mining, Allihies not only offers tales rich in history but is also a welcoming town with a beautiful beach and interesting people.

The jewel of Allihies is its beautiful beach. Swimming in Allihies is exhilarating and safe most ofthe time. Like any place beside the sea, it pays to use common sense, especially when the the tides turn and the waves come thundering in! Although I am a strong swimmer the pull of the undertow made me a little nervous so we spent a great deal of time beachcombing and exploring the tidal pools. A friendly and over-zealous border collie made our acquaintance and we spent the next several hours taking turns playing fetch with him. (such stamina!!! Don’t those dogs ever wear out?)

Delicate tidal pools and a white quartz strand make Allihies beach a treasure to behold.

The Village: Coordinates: 51°38’N 10°02 Irish: Na hAilichí

The main street is small but welcoming; its brightly painted buildings stand in brilliant contrast to the gray hills they nestle under.

In its heyday the village boasted a population of several thousand people. Today around 600 people populate the area. Drawn to the area’s exquisite beauty, Allihies is home to many creative people including artists, writers and musicians. Tourism has taken the place of mining as the village’s mainstay which has allowed this self-contained village to retain its natural splendour.

Two interesting events to keep in mind are the Annual Sports and Horse Racing Day held in August, as well as the Michael Dwyer Memorial Festival, an annual celebration In Allihies of traditional Irish music.

The artist in me couldn’t resist admiring the beautifully crafted signage tucked here and there around town.

Allihies is well worth the visit!

If you would like to learn more I highly recommend Dave Spathaky’s excellent Beara Information Website: for news on “What’s Happening” around the Beara Peninsula

Where to find Allihies:


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8 Responses to Allihies and Ballydonegan Bay

  1. Mountaindreamers says:

    Your photos are exquisite , thanks for the chance to experience such beauty ; ) Laura

  2. Marion says:

    Thank you for those photos. They make me believe I've been there, especially the signs, which I also love to photograph.

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  7. colleen egan murdoch says:

    what does Ballydonegan mean?

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