Susanne’s Book Store

Please visit my new book store:

Cead Mille Failte, and thank you for visiting my store! Here you will find books and items of interest. I will try to find quality books that I, myself have read or own, or ones my trusted friends have enjoyed. The store will continue to evolve and grow as I discover items you might like. Thanks for stopping by!

1 Response to Susanne’s Book Store

  1. Ella says:

    Hi Susanne,
    Just a quick note, while we don´t know each other, we do know each other to see! Minly the copper kettle!
    I have come across your page in Spain of all places while doing some homework!! (My friend is dragging me into her class to talk about Ireland, she´s an English teacher… I have to pay the rent!)
    What a beautiful site! Your piece on the children of lir has really helped as I will be hoping to focus on folklore… if they understand!! And it is a handy summary, the full history is a little complicated!
    I´m so surprised I didn´t come across your site before! Are you linked with the Beara website?
    Anyway, just wanted to say how lovely your site is!! Keep up the good work! Take Care

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